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Andrew Wilson


Prior to the opening of the Newcastle University Fine Art Degree Show of 2008 Andrew Wilson was given a publishing award by Hole Editions.

The aim of the award is to allow a young artist the chance to make some new work after graduating from University within a professional environment. To work collaboratively with the Master Printer and produce, in a given time frame, one or a series of hand printed original lithographs.

Andrew arrived at Hole Editions at the end of August to begin work on the lithographs. Through initial consultations a strategy was formulated, preparations made and drawing the stones commenced. Over the following weeks coloured layers were added with photographic plates and proofs were made on various paper types. With proofing completed at the beginning of November, three trial proofs were donated to the 2009 Degree Show fund raising auction.

Price: £785 (set of 7)
Status: Available


Click on thumbnails for larger images and to purchase individual impressions.

Andrew Wilson - drawing How the Man & the Mountain came to be  

Andrew Wilson - Connoisseur

Andrew Wilson - Well Baked Man
Well Baked Man

Andrew Wilson - Toes

Andrew Wilson - How the Man & the Mountain came to be
How the Man & the Mountain
came to be
  Andrew Wilson - Ruler
Andrew Wilson - Peas
Andrew Wilson - The Old Woman & the Spring
The Old Woman & the Spring
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