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Rachel Bollen


Rachel Bollen is an Artist who has been based in Newcastle since 2001. She is interested in publishing as an art form and as a means to the democratisation of the art object. She studied fine art at Newcastle University and was selected for Northern Graduates 2005, an exhibition held at the Curwen Gallery, London.

‘Funny, honest, painfully truthful and poignant' are all words which have been used to describe Bollen's practice. Working with modest book formats, multiples and editions, she uses text, typography and images to communicate simple stories and ideas. Bollen's work is concerned with what it means to be human and how we interact with each other and our surrounding environment. Rachel works independently and in collaboration with others including artists, groups of children, young people and adults.

From a body of work focusing on how people relate to each other and the world around them, this tongue-in-cheek piece celebrates the differences we overcome when negotiating daily life, enabling us to forge meaningful connections with others.

Bollen's work ‘heartens you with simple optimism'

Metro 10 June 2005

Price: £120
Status: Available


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