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Tereza Buskova


Northumbria University
2007 Royal College of Art

Buskova has exhibited internationally in the UK, Czech and Japan. Her work is fantastical and provocative. Stylish yet absorbing, her influences root in rich Eastern European cultural traditions; mainly from theatre, film and animation. It is her own imaginary musing that draw viewers into the depths of her work. This is a private world where reality is mixed with fiction, where anything is possible, where time and space do not exist. Her current work is developing around a Burlesque theme, exploring exciting and beautifully decadent theatrical performances. Under the guise of entertaining shows, she produces a partly autobiographical narrative without revealing her identity. Anonymity is preserved. It cannot be ignored that her work is sexual. She enjoys attempting to stir a lively reaction in the viewers of her work.

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Price: £900 (set of 8)
Status: Available


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Tereza Buskova  

Tereza Buskova - 1
Untitled 1

Tereza Buskova - 2
Untitled 2

Tereza Buskova - 3
Untitled 3

Tereza Buskova - 4
Untitled 4
  Tereza Buskova - 5
Untitled 5
Tereza Buskova - 6
Untitled 6
Tereza Buskova - 7
Untitled 7

Tereza Buskova - 8
Untitled 8

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