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Geordie Shepherd


Geordie Shepherd completed his BFA in 1991 at Concordia University in Montréal and in 1995 attended the Banff Arts Centre and also received the Brucebo Canadian-Scandinavian Award. In 2000 he participated in the 9e Biennale de Céramique and moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico to begin his MFA in sculpture at the University of New Mexico, which he completed in 2004. In 2006 Geordie worked as assistant to the artist Yehouda Chaki and administered the private art collection, Colart Collection, which he still does. In 2007 he collaborated with the Tamarind Master Printer Lee Turner, to produce a series of lithographs based upon his ‘Olic' series.

As an artist he employs a variety of mediums and materials, drawing together drawing, ceramics, sculpture and writing. He has exhibited extensively across Canada, United States and Europe and his work can be found in collections both private and institutional. Geordie Shepherd lives and works in Montréal, Quebec, Canada.

This body of work depicts " The Olic ," a fictive people of my invention, who through their unique understanding of themselves and their physical body, posses s extrasensory perceptions, granting them a special relationship to other people and to the land.

The Olic are drawn in their true form, a stylistic continuum of divided ovals and flowing perceptual lines, while any other people are more realistically rendered. The colo u red shapes are the significant emotional language not only of the Olic, but also of the land.

This work's fictive re-interpretation of " self " and its expression was inspired by the stylistic language and rendering of North West Coast Canadian Art and my imagination diving into humanity's inexhaustible ability to re-invent itself.

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Olic (2010) is a written and illustrated 84-page book that is available from Lulu self-publishing press in three formats: Paperback, hardcover and e-book.

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Price: £635 (set of 3)
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Geordie Shepherd - working on a stone  

Geordie Shepherd - Conflict's Witness
Conflict's Witness

Geordie Shepherd - The Landing
The Landing

Geordie Shepherd - The Triumph of Paradise
The Triumph of Paradise

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