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Paul Henery SWLA


Paul is a Wildlife and Landscape artist working in various media based in his native Northumberland. Whether it's Scottish mountains, local coastline or recently African Savannah his work explores the interaction between species and habitat and between the real world and the world of paper and paint.

He is inspired by light, weather, mood and behaviour  to create images with a sense of ‘place,'  he does not separate animals from their habitat, the result is paintings, prints and sketches full of the ‘life in the landscape'.

‘After Kilimanjaro.'

In February and March 2005 Paul visited Tanzania, Africa.  He set off on an artistic exploration of Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak.  With limited materials but bags of enthusiasm Paul climbed through sweltering rainforest, alpine moorland and barren volcanic rock to a height of 19,300ft at -20 degrees to stand on the roof of Africa and watch the sunrise over the Rift Valley.

“After Kilimanjaro' came an exploration of the great ‘Rift' itself.  Tarangire, Lake Manyara, the magnificent Serengeti and the awe inspiring Ngorongoro Crater all provided exciting landscapes and thrilling encounters with some of the planets most impressive animals.

Paul said, “painting in Olduvai Gorge, cradle of mankind, was a humbling experience.  This is where some of the Earths first humans trod. The same people who first used pigment to draw animals on cave walls.  I felt I was literally following in their footsteps.”

“After listening all night to Lions in our Serengeti campsite, rising to a fabulous sunrise and then finding and painting the same pride on a Kjope just outside camp was an  awesome experience.” Finding his first Leopard, watching a male Cheetah with full belly protecting a Wildebeast kill in a thunderstorm, seeing thousands of Zebra stampede from Serengeti watering holes because of prowling lions, the list goes on.

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Price: £1500 (set of 8)
Status: Available


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Paul Henery - drawing Stampede

Paul Henery - Common Sandpiper on the Hippo Rock
Common Sandpiper on
the Hippo Rock

Paul Henery - Necking

Paul Henery - Buffalo in the wallows
Buffalo in the wallows

Paul Henery - African Elephant, Mount Kilimanjaro
African Elephant, Mount Kilimanjaro
  Paul Henery - Black Rhino - Ngorongoro Crater
Black Rhino, Ngorongoro Crater
Paul Henery - Serengeti Cheetah
Serengeti Cheetah
Paul Henery - Eagle Storm
Eagle Storm

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