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Jock Mooney


b. 1982, Edinburgh, UK

2000-04 BA (Hons) Fine Art Sculpture, Edinburgh College of Art

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"With this series of prints, I have tried to extract and distil some of my favourite observations to date. Some of these are based on real life encounters, others are pure fantasy. Most carry some sort of filmic or theatrical quality - hardly surprising given my obsession with European horror and Italian gialli. This is matched by a life long interest in Japanese Culture and 1960's underground comics." Jock Mooney, May 2009

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Jock Mooney
Photo credit: Paul Winch Furness

Jock Mooney - Les Yeux Sans Visage
Les Yeux Sans Visage

Jock Mooney - Magazine Cover
Magazine Cover

Jock Mooney - Menaced by the Night
Menaced by the Night

Jock Mooney - Awk! Awk!
Awk! Awk!
  Jock Mooney - Girl Dressed as a Hill on the Outskirts of Kyoto
Girl Dressed as a Hill on the
Outskirts of Kyoto
Jock Mooney - That's Sic
That's Sic

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