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Julian Davies


b. 1971 Liverpool, UK

1989-1994 BA (Hons) Fine Art Printmaking, Grays School of Art, Aberdeen
1995-1997 MFA, University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Mountain of my Dreams is basically just about the excitement of seeing Mt Fuji for the first time in the flesh - no more, no less.

Hands all Over deals with the occasional lack of a number 4 in Japanese everyday life - both 4 (shi) and death (shi) are pronounced the same, so it's considered very unlucky to associate it in hospital wards for obvious reasons - no beds/wards with the number four. Some lifts don't appear to have a fourth floor either, which is slightly bizarre. The Japanese on the print - ni tasu ni wa go - means two plus two is five, which is just playing around with the fact that the hand has 'six' fingers. Traditionally the Japanese expression would be - ichi tasu ichi wa san, or one plus one is three - but I preferred using the western phrase in this instance.

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Julian Davies - Mountain of My Dreams
Mountain of My Dreams

Julian Davies - Hands All Over
Hands All Over
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