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Lauren Healey


b. 1980, UK

2010 MFA Newcastle University
2003 Ba(Hons.) Fine Art, Leeds Metropolitan University

My practice revolves around the subjectivity of documentation. I use photography, audio, sculpture and installation to explore how all forms of recording are as much about their medium and the decisions or, otherwise, of the author as they are about what they profess to document. For this collaboration with Hole Editions, I was keen to find a way of using the physical properties of light-sensitive lithography to record a space, rather than using the process to re-produce a pre-existing image.

Over a few months, I taped litho plates directly to walls or hung them from curtains to record shadows in a room on bright sunny days. The resulting images are grainy and inexact - the print altering slightly each time the plate is inked up, due to the inaccurate way of producing the image. The horizontal arrangement of prints, whilst drawn from reality, have been combined to create a semi-imaginary landscape of shadows.

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two colour lithograph
six sheets of white Somerset satin
overall size:
12 3/4" x 102"
dual sheet size: 12 3/4" x 17"
edition size:
3 (variable)

Price: £1800
Status: Available

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Lauren Healey
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