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5th Birthday Draw


Hole Editions was five years old on May 28th 2010. To mark this milestone we held a prize prize draw on the evening of Saturday 29th of May at approximately 8pm. We streamed the draw live via Blackberry around the world, missed it watch again via YouTube > Part 1 > Part 2.

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PRIZES & WINNERS: In no particular order

  Jock Mooney - Awk! Awk!
Jock Mooney
Awk! Awk!

Criag Duggan
Todd Anderson 7
Todd Anderson
Midland Drifts 7

Claire Pyle
Andrew Wilson - Toes
Andrew Wilson

Jeff Beekman
Andrew Wilson - Peas
Andrew Wilson

Sharon Lee
  Erika Adams - Provenance
Erika Adams

Matt Hearn
Narbi Price - Untitled (wall)
Narbi Price
Untitled (wall)

Zoe Anderson
Graham Firth - Another Traffic Jam
Graham Firth
Another Traffic Jam

Linsay Croall & Adam Proctor
Darren Banks
Darren Banks
Blob 21

Ewan MacDonald
  Draw a Line, Follow It
Allan Barn
Love Hate
Mely Mitchell
Black Static of Summer
signed EP
Zoe Anderson

Lee Turner
Laurence Sillars

The tickets:
No longer available

  Zoe Anderson

Zoe Anderson
Ant Macari

Ant Macari - bikr in lido 2007

Iris Priest

Iris Priest

Simon Woolham

Simon Woolham - Land of Chairs


Rachel Bollen

Rachel Bollen - 1 of 50 ways to leave your lover


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