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3rd Birthday Draw




May 28th 2008 marked 3 years since the first print came off the Hole Editions press. To celebrate this occasion Hole Editions, gave you the chance of winning some of the fantastic prints which have been made over those years. Money raised from the ticket sales will be used to support future Visiting Artist projects.

The Draw


The Prizes

Peter J Evans
Draw A
Lithograph by Peter J Evans
winner: 28/0508/15:25:12
Clare Turner


Tereza Buskova
Draw B
Set of 8 lithographs by Tereza Buskova
winner: 28/0508/16:50:59


Peter Quinn ARWS
Draw C
Lithograph by Peter Quinn ARWS
winner: 23/0508/09:56:05
Neil Turner


credit: SasaSavic.com
Draw D
A one day monotype session****
winner: 28/0508/18:32:02
Peter J Evans


Paul Gallagher
Draw E
Lithograph by Paul Gallagher
winner: 28/0508/18:31:26
Peter J Evans


James Johnson-Perkins
Draw F
Drawing by James Johnson-Perkins
winner: 26/0508/13:40:55
Alan Stones


Paul Henery SWLA
Draw G
Lithograph by Paul Henery SWLA
winner: 14/0508/09:59:19
Kym Attwood


Lee Turner
Draw H
Lithograph by Lee Turner
winner: 27/0508/11:26:59
Michael Armstrong


van ghost
Draw I
Blind emboss by JWA & LT
winner: 10/0508/22:02:21
Oliver Beck


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* for those at international mailing addresses you may have to wait 28 days for delivery.
Your ticket numbers will still be in the draw.
** reply to the ticket number email stating that you wish your name to remain anonymous if you are a lucky winner.
*** Draw H may be sent out towards the end of June.
****The winner will have to arrange their own travel. The session runs 9am - 6pm on a mutually agreed date.

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