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Peter Quinn RWS


Encadrements & Beaux Arts
seven colour lithograph
on Somerset velvet newsprint
9 1/4" x 10"
edition size 25

collaborative printer: Lee Turner
edition printer: Ryan Hall

Price: £180
Status: Available




Peter Quinn - Encadrements & Beaux Arts

“I regularly “wander” in order to find subject matter. A visit to Paris is a great opportunity to walk aimlessly. It has its own history of art pedestrians: the “flaneurs” on the boulevards of nineteenth century Paris, glimpsing the new modern life; the surrealists seeking out the irrational and the unexpected; the “Situationists” subversively lost amidst the traffic of mid-20 th century.

I found these archaic and stylish shop fronts in a street near Notre Dame.”

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